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Angelika is a creative - through and through. But what makes her unique (and successful) is her ability to design in such a way where the tactic's objectives are being met. Will the client be happy? Will they see something new and exciting they haven't seen before? Is it addressing pain points? And most importantly, is it strategic? Angelika has a knack for balancing right brain creativity with left brain strategy and nails it. Also, she is an amazing positive light that steers work in a positive direction. I miss working with her and counting on her creativity to nail a client request.

Amanda Peters
Previous Brand Activist of Esrock Partners

Angelika came into the organization at a pivotal time where structure and processes were needed to bring new product & brand design concepts to market. As a lean organization, she jumped right in and worked directly with vendors to increase efficiency and reduce time for execution. As the company began to scale, she identified the resources needed to build out an internal agency to continue to deliver on our primary market as we moved into new markets. Angelika’s ability to lead her direct reports, as well as influence and gain cross-functional alignment, made a substantial impact when we needed it most. Angelika has left her design mark on the products and brands she developed and made a significant contribution to team leadership and morale. I’m confident that she would make a considerable impact to any organization she dedicates herself to.

Mark de Souza
Previous CEO of Revolution Global

I have had the privilege to work alongside Angelika over the past two and a half years, during which time she has been the ultimate thought partner. Angelika’s talents are unparalleled, her ability to deliver on the creative scope is truly amazing and she is responsible for transforming our entire award-winning product line. She drives forward progress accounting for budgets and timeline constraints, while always remaining solution focused, and executing even under the most challenging circumstances. She is thoughtful in her approach, with an ability to pivot as direction and strategy shift. She has an innate ability to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and vendor partners to deliver remarkable designs that not only delight consumers but are also functional and scalable. Her passion and creativity are exuded in her work and is truly contagious, inspiring the entire team. Beyond her ability to create beautiful designs, Angelika is a tremendous leader with a servant mindset— understanding and embracing the importance of empathy, trust and setting an example. Her keen attention to detail, as well as her abilities to coach, collaborate and inspire action has enabled the organization to introduce innovation in process and products as we have expanded into new markets.

Jackie Fisher
PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt
Global VP/PMO (Commercialization, Innovation Deployment, Process Development, Brand Launch Strategies)

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